First repost

Wednesday March 28 2007

Well I have the first repost ready and I have decided to Repost all my poetry first in the order in which I originally posted them and I will put up 2 at a time till all have been posted again.
So please enjoy and any and all comments will be appreciated.

Just a side note to let you all know I now have "Frozen Moments" finished and i have 16 copies for sale. if you would like one please send me an Email requesting more information. at


Here is the
newest entry

9/22/2005 3:00:59 AM

Well I have
been working on my poetry book Ideas and I have come up with a name of it


This is how
I best see the poems that I have written, I can only hope that this will work
the way I would like for it to. I have never attempted any ting like this
before, and I have to admit that I am just a bit afraid that I won’t get it

After you
read my new peon entry please comment on the name of the book so that I can
make any changes if I need to, now for the back ground of my next poem.

I cant
remember when I wrote this one for curtain but I do know why, after I came back
home to Alpena I had been thinking of my relationships and how they all ended
in loss of love, children and a piece of my soul, this is after I went through
the worst of my self hatred and my thoughts of death. When ever I was awake I
could not get the feeling that I would never find Love and companionship ever
again, feeling like the darkness of a night without a light of any kind, I have
to admit that even today I still feel that I may never find my true soul mate.

Well here
is the new poem enjoy and let me know what you think.


By Michael Antony: Prevost


The days
are filled with darkness

that never ends

that is forever closing in on me

I know
longer want to feel the grasp

The grasp
of the endless night

I wake from
my night dreams

dreams of love

dreams of you

I wake to
the brake of day

A day of
endless night

endless night is filling my days

Days filled
with pain

Days filled
with tears

The days of
my life without you

without light

I wait for
my night dreams to come

To come and
fill my mind

To come and
take away my loneliness

dreams that I live

dreams that turn on the light

Day comes once again

Again the
darkness comes

Again the
darkness imprisons me

darkness is my prison

darkness is my



They are ready

I have finally
finish working on my poems, they have all been set to separate files and all
misspelled words corrected.

I have
decided to publish my first poem tonight.

Some back
ground is in order before I put this poem to the world, First thing I should
say is that I Didn’t start to rite till I had been in my 4th failed relationship
My 1st being the one and only time I was married, ending in divorce and the
loss of my 2 children, when my 4th relationship ended in 1991 I came back to
Alpena, my home town. I then withdrew into my self so badly that I would
not even leave the house for weeks at a time, after about 7 months I began to
write and some of the poems I rote are filled with thoughts of death, for
the moment I have decided not to publish those.

However I
started to get better and started to rite about loss, need, loneliness, and memories.
With that said I give you my first publication. Please enjoy and I hope that
you will see just a bit of yourself in my writings.


By Michael Antony Prevost

© 1993

When I meet
you, you were wonderful

You took me
just as I was

You asked
not, that I change

There were
no secrets between us

We could
share every thing

My heart
was as an open book to you

As you
turned the pages of my life

You found
loneliness and in it’s place

You gave me

You found emptiness
and in it’s place

You brought
me fulfillment

You found
hate and in it’s place

You gave me

You found
sadness and it’s place

You made me

When I was
in pane you let me cry

Then you
would wipe a way my tears

Look deep
into my eyes

See just
what I needed

And then
taking me into your arms saying

I love you
just as you are

Be my
friend and let me be there for you

Becoming my

And a
strong shoulder to lean on

And then
becoming my best friend

Then my

It is true
that best friends do make the best lovers

So once
again I ask of you

Will you be

Be my

Be my lover

Let me love
you again

My best


One Response to “First repost”

  1. hey, read some of your poems. I liked the one named "my best friend", wow, i loved it. wish i could read more, so if youre still posting more let me know. ok hope ur good, see ya!!!

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